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Torrents Download Guide

How It Works

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data between many users.

First, a user playing the role of file-provider makes a file available to the network. This first user's file is called a seed and its availability on the network allows other users, called peers, to connect and begin to download the seed file.

As new peers connect to the network and request the same file, their computer receives a different piece of the data from the seed. Once multiple peers have multiple pieces of the seed, BitTorrent allows each to become a source for that portion of the file.

It's especially useful for transfer large amount of data because you don’t need to upload all data to the host - just let downloading files from your computer in the network.

1. Install BitTorrent Client

Download and install one of them for free. Here are some links:

2. Find Files to Download

Use our torrent search engine to find files to download.
Choose a file from the list with an appropriate description, size, good enough amount of peers to ensure download speed.
Press Download Torrent links.

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3. Save *.torrent file

Save *.torrent file on your computer and then open it in a BitTorrent Client program. Sometimes internet browser can offer you to open *.torrent file automatically with BitTorrent client.
Otherwise you can save *.torrent file and then open it manually from folder where it was saved.

You can also choose which files to download. Click OK to start downloading.

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4. Seed as Long as You Can

Remember to seed torrents keeping BitTorrent Client running. Always try to upload at least an amount you've downloaded.
This way we keep BitTorrent network alive.

Notice the Ratio value – it indicates the correlation between data amounts which you've downloaded and uploaded.
It's good to have at least 1.0 Ratio value (Data Uploaded = Data Download) or more (>1.0).

For more information read FAQs.

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A way for file distribution in the internet when a user's computer simultaneously downloads chunks of the same file from many different computers.
Torrent File
Small file that contains the information about the torrent (file or a group of files to download) — title, type, size, amount of pieces, how many people are sharing this torrent etc.
*.torrent file is placed it on the specific torrent tracker.
Torrent Tracker
Server that stores *.torrent files and assists in the communication between peers (users who download files via BitTorrent) to shared files
Torrent search engine
Web site that provides searchable index of torrents hosted on different torrent trackers.
BitTorrent Client
Computer program that downloads and uploads torrents via BitTorrent.
Users that have 100% of the file(s).
Users that don't have complete file(s). Can have 0–99% of the file(s).
Seeds and Leeches.